And with the 1091st pick...

of the 2008 draft, the Chicago Cubs select Michael Brenly, Catcher, University of Nevada at Los Vegas. That's right boys and girls, the Cubs kept it all in the family by selecting Bob's son in the 36th round of the draft. My understanding is that often a team will draft a guy whose family has some relation to the organization in the later rounds, as a token of gratitude. The 36th round seems a little early for that, but most of the guys in the later rounds don't sign and since Michael is only a junior, he may be headed back to UNLV for his senior season.

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June 7, 2008 at 9:37 AM

Looks like the Sun-Times' Gordon Wittenmeyer is a Towel Drills fan. How else can you explain his blatant ripoff of Lionel's "all in the family" reference?,CST-SPT-cubntxtra07.article