"100 Years of Hope": June 1908

Another off day yesterday, so today's a great time to put up the latest installment of The Muskrat's "100 Years of Hope" series.

Muskrat seems to be getting a bit bored with the series-she did a fairly half assed job this time around. As interesting as last month's effort on Orval Overall was, June's offering is short and fairly uneventful.

That is, with one notable exception. It seems the above pictured 3B Henie Zimmerman was a first class bastard. On June 2nd, Zimmerman started a bit of a donybrook. Upset by some comments made by teammate Jiy Sheckard, Zimmerman decided to launch a bottle of ammonia at Sheckard's face, the bottle exploding in Sheckard's eyes. Sheckard's eyesight was saved, but Zimmerman was not. For his efforts, the entire team (led by manager Frank Chance) beat Zimmerman to a pulp. No word on why the eff a bottle of ammonia was lying around ready to be used as a weapon in a fight.

Zimmerman, though, didn't seem to learn his lesson in tomfoolery (yep-I just used both "donnybrook" and "tomfoolery" in the same post-jealous?). He would later be suspended while playing for the New York Giants for his role in a game fixing plot in the same 1919 season that would bring baseball the Black Sox Scandal. Sounds like a bad dude.

For the record, Towel Drills does not endorse the throwing of chemicals at people's faces. Not without a permission slip or doctor's note or something anyway.

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