Short Hops

  • It has been a topic of discussion on both the television and radio broadcasts, but the Cubs are the only team in MLB who hasn't lost 3 straight. While I think that says a lot about the quality and depth of this team, that streak will be on the line today.
  • The Cubs record is impressive, but if the Cubs and Pirates hadn't played each other at all this season, the Pirates would have a better record.
  • One problem that seems to be a trend is that The Riot struggles with throws that short hop him. There have been multiple occasions when stolen bases have been completed because of this and Fukudome had thrown out a runner this weekend, save for The Riot's inability to corral the short hop. I know this is a difficult play, but that is one portion of his game I would like to see improve.

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July 29, 2010 at 11:00 PM

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