Short Hops

  • Remember, One catch doth not maketh the man. Just because James Patrick Edmonds made an over the shoulder catch doesn't mean I like him, or think it was a good move to bringing him to the Cubs. With Pie's speed, he may not have needed to go over the shoulder. I don't know. He was in the cornfields last night.
  • Speaking of the Padres, Ken Rosenthal was asked yesterday where Greg Maddux would be playing on August 1st, given that the Padres are terrible. While Ken stated that he honestly didn't know and couldn't even speculate, it was interesting to hear the name Chicago roll off his tongue. With the pitching the Cubs have, I don't really see that as a possibility, but it is interesting that he even mentioned it.
  • I have to give Bob Brenly some credit. I will admit that when I heard BB's rhetoric about The Glass Ego just needing to get his timing down, I thought he was just trying to put a positive spin on things. But, I guess he was right. Or at least concidence triumphed.

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May 20, 2008 at 9:46 PM

I still hate Jim Edmonds. Seeing him in Cubs pinstripes makes me sick. I'll continue to hate him until further notice.