Playing Catch Up

The Mother's Day weekend has TD a bit behind on the Cubs action. After getting choked with pink bats on Sunday, let's play a bit of catch up:
  • Congratulations to Alfonso "The Glass Ego"/"The $136 Million Dollar Man" Soriano. It only took until May 10th, but kid finally made it over the Mendoza Line. Making that kind of scratch to hit .20o is great work if you can get it. In all seriousness, though, let's cut him some slack here-dude's been on a roll the last few days. Since coming off the DL on May 1 (and counting tonight's game), Sori is 13 for 41 (.317 BA) with 2 HRs and 9 Ribs. But he really broke out on Saturday, going 4-5 with a dub, and following it up by going 2-5 with a dong.
  • But as much as I want to hope he keeps this up...I'm thinking Sori is in line for another trip to the DL soon. Despite that fact that his bat seems to be heating up, Soriano is still not healthy. Actually, I think it's more accurate to say that he doesn't think he's healthy. Check out his comments about being "a little scared" about his legs here. It's obvious watching him run the bases that his calf and/or quad are still bothering him, possibly physically, but definitely mentally. On Saturday Soriano made two separate plays at home plate (both times sliding in head first like a jackass) a hell of a lot closer than they should have by not running full speed from second base. Whether it's a physical problem or simply him not trusting his legs really doesn't matter-if he doesn't play like he's 100% healthy, he's hurting this team. And per Baseball Prospectus' injury expert Will Carroll on May 2nd, Sori is "under orders not to stress the leg too much." Something still isn't right w/ Sori. But let's hope the growing whispers of Soriano morphing into Ken Griffey Jr. with all his injury problems don't prove to be true. We owe this dude a lot of cash and are stuck with him for several more years. This team needs Sori.
  • After dropping 4-9 and losing 3 straight series, the Cubs have bounced back in a big way. The Cubs swept the Arizona Diamondbacks over the weekend, which is no small feat. The DBacks were the best team in baseball coming in (you'll never guess who the current "best team" in baseball is-the flippin' Florida Marlins) and were leading the majors in runs scored (guess who is now-the Cubs). And now we start off the week with a 12-3 blasting of the MLB's worst-the San Diego Fathers.
  • I really don't even want to get started on how indescribably stupid the idea of sending Felix Pie back to the minors and replacing him with freaking 30 year old nobody Andres Torres is. I'm at a loss for words-thinking about this makes my face want to explode.
  • How about the job done by the kid Sean Gallahger on Sunday? Absolutely amazing performance. The 22 year old kid gets word 45 minutes before a game against one of the best teams in baseball that he's going to be unexpectedly making his first career MLB start. Rather than piss his pants and spend the bottom half of the innings sucking his thumb in the corner of the dugout, kid goes out and is lights out thru the first 3 innings, striking out 6, before giving up 3 Ernies in Top 4 (2 of which were walked in by Chad Fox and then charged to Gallagher). Extremely impressive from the young guy. And now it looks like for his efforts Gallagher will be rewarded as being named the club's 5th starter, replacing Jon Lieber after his one very, very ugly start a few days ago. Good for Sean. Let's hope he can hold it down until Rich Hill is ready to go again.
  • Gallagher's start made JH look really smart on Sunday for opting to keep him as the long man out of the pen while allowing Sean Marshall and Kevin Hart to get stretched back out in Iowa. By sheer numbers, if not quality, the Cubs are shaping up to be fairly deep at SP this year. Alongside Z, Lilly, and Dempster, the Cubs are able to choose 2 of Gallagher, Marshall, Hart, Lieber, and Hill. Not bad.
  • And finally, some news out of A Whale's Vagina on Towel Drills' namesake, Mark Prior. This sounds familiar. Have we heard this before? Good riddance, Mark:
"Former Cub Mark Prior returned to San Diego to have his shoulder examined after having more problems in extended spring training. The Padres had hoped he would be pitching in minor-league games by now, but he has not appeared in any."

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May 12, 2008 at 11:36 PM

By the way-how funny is this Mendoza baseball card? Guy works his whole life to make it to the majors and get a big league bubblegum baseball card. Then they stick this hilarious picture on there. I love it.


May 13, 2008 at 9:36 AM

Congrats to Jumbo, for logging a post with a record 7 labels on it.