Minor League Short Hop

  • The Cubs have made to decision to give Micah Hoffpauir some time as a RF for the Iowa Cubs in an effort to actually sniff the Bigs. Hoffpauir is a 28 year old 1-sack who has been in the Cubs organization since being drafted in 2002, never reaching the 40 man roster, in large part because he is stuck behind D-Lee. Even when D-Lee got hurt in '06, Hoffpauir was on the DL, preventing him from making the jump. The Cubs love his stick...he hit .319 in '07 with 16 HR's in just over 300 AB's, then followed it up by hitting .419 with 4 HR's this spring, and now in his first week off the DL, he's hitting .333 and has 2 HR's in just 27 AB's.

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