Mad Dog Loves Pulling a Constanza

While we here at Towel Drills usually leave the "entertainment" baseball news to Arthur, I uncovered something this morning that I felt was important to share with the world. On the Dan Patrick Show, DP asked Jake Peavy if Greg Maddux had pulled any pranks on him. Peavy responded with these gems:

"Maddux loves to go to the bathroom in the shower. He likes to make sure no one is too close to him, so you have to watch out when you are showering, because he'll go for your legs if you're not paying attention."

"He also likes to spit on the roof of the dugout and wait for it to fall on someone. He can really hock a loogie. He'll spit it at one end of the dugout, where the rookies sit. He'll just stare at it for innings. Eventually, it'll drop on someone's head. Or if he see's a guy leaning against a pole, he'll spit on the pole."

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