Jim Edmonds: This Guy's a Cub?

Well, shit. I've searched the interweb looking for something, anything, that would tell me the douche bag pictured above (the dude in the middle-no offense ladies) will not become a Cub at some point tomorrow or Thursday...and I came up entirely empty. Sorry fellas, looks like this idiot will be (slowly, awfully, washed up-edly) roaming CF at Wrigley by the end of the week.

Deadspin.com's recent post pretty much sums up the negative sentiment on this likely signing. We're on record here at TD as being wholly against this move-and I'm not finding anything to change my mind whatsoever. The guy is a 38 year old CF. 38 years old. Playing CF. Not DH, not 1B, not bench player-but a center fielder. We have a good CF with amazing defensive range in Felix Pie on the roster already and we're going to place him with some old ass guy who is only "Jim Edmonds" because of his Sportscenter highlight catches from 6 years ago? But we all know Jimmy H isn't going to sign Jimmy E for his defense. No-we're going to sign him simply because the guy writes with his wrong damn hand. I don't care if he's right handed, left handed, or a switch hitter-the guy is done as a valuable Major League baseball player.

Edmonds hasn't had a really productive season since 2004 when he went .301/.418/.643 with 42 bombs, 111 ribs, and 102 runs scored in 498 ABs and finished 5th in the MVP voting. 2005 saw a bit of a decline in numbers but he was still useful. 2006 and 2007, though, seemed to be the end of the slide down a very steep hill (until this BS with the Padres trading for him and now the Cubs, anyway). In '06 Edmonds put up a VORP of 20 in 350 ABs while going .257/.350/.471 with 19 HRs-not dreadful numbers but well below his perceived value. In '07, the wheels really fell off as Edmond's VORP dropped to 4.9 (meaning he's basically no better than any other bum you can pull off the street to be an utterly average MLB CF) and his slash stats to .252/.325/.421 over 365 ABs. Edmonds was then unceremoniously dumped on the Padres (who needed a stopgap replacement for Mike Cameron while some of their younger players matured) by the Cardinals after the '07 season for a single A 3B. Yeah.

For 2008 BP predicts that over the course of 411 PAs Edmonds would put up a staggeringly horrible VORP of 15.9 while going .239!!!/.326/.414 and hitting 14 taters. So far, Edmonds hasn't even lived up to that low bar-thru 90 ABs he's at .178/.265/.233 with a single HR. Horrible. And on top of that, by all accounts he's lost a step, or two, defensively.

But, hey, he's left handed.

At least that's something...I guess. Baseball Toaster has a great breakdown of what seems to be going through Hendry's mind with this acquisition. The main benefit, to me, is moving Fukudome to #2 in the batting order. But that drops TheRiot down to 8th, in all likelihood. For all his doubters, TheRiot currently has the highest BA of any of the regulars and the fourth best OBP. And moving Dome to 2nd means you have to bat Edmonds 5th. That's great since he provides another lefty bat-but how much protection will this guy offer Aramis Ramirez? Answer: none-no pitcher is going to be scared of Edmonds and will pitch around ARam to have the fun of facing him.

So the net result here seems to be that we take a massive downgrade at CF defensively, we send one of our best young players back to the cornfields, and we take away any protection that ARam. At least we don't have to alter our 40 man roster or trade away any prospects to get this guy (the latter of which makes this deal both cheaper and better than the rumored deals for Coco Crisp). I don't like this one bit. This move is a mistake, a waste, and will serve only to jack up this team's focus and chemistry.

Oh, and did I mention-THE GUY'S A FRIGGIN' CARDINAL!

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May 14, 2008 at 9:39 AM

I am relieved. Since Frenchie (Jacque Jones) made his way out of town, I didn't have a guy on the squad who I hated. Now I do.


June 24, 2008 at 1:39 PM

jim edmonds is bringing yall the best glove you'll ever have (opposite of Soriano) and i believe i heard he hit 2 hr's in one game 4 u 2 and bcuz of him i am now liking the cubs just a lil bit. He can still play very well and will always play good untill he gets injured...


July 28, 2008 at 8:42 PM

hey dont you feel like an idiot now that edmonds has paid off hugely in the absence of soriano and give us a good lefty bat off the bench but im sure by now you already jumped the bandwagon like edmonds stop worrying about ex cardinals and think about whats helping your team