Jim Edmonds is a Cub

It's officially official...Jim Edmonds is a member of the Chicago National League Ballclub. Even though Jumbo would like to hide in the Far East and pretend that this didn't happen, I wanted to bring the rest of TD Nation up to speed on the best and the worst of this signing.

The best thing so far? Sweet Lou's answer to where he was going to bat Edmonds. His answer? Ninth. Obviously he was joking, but I love the backhanded shot he was taking at Tony LaRussa and Ned Yost.

The worst thing so far (not previously discussed)? While JH reportedly talked to the "team leaders " before making this acquisition, no one talked to the Big Z. And Big Z isn't happy. When asked about the acquisition, the Big Z curtly said "No comment." So, not only does this acquisition do everything that we've already discussed, it's now dividing the locker room. Awesome. The dislike stems from a Cubs-Cards game a few years ago when Jim Edmonds "posed" after a huge HR. Z yelled at Edmonds as he rounded the bases, then hit him in his next AB. That's the guy we're bringing in.

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May 15, 2008 at 1:06 PM

Uh, first off Lionel, don't pretend like signing Edmonds is somehow a bigger deal than the signing of some high school SS that no one has ever heard of and who won't make the big leagues for another 8 years.

And B, how do we think Z is going to react the first time he's on the mound and Edmonds' old ass misplays a ball in CF? His freaking head is going to explode, that's how.

This is going to be like Wild Thing Rick Vaughn and Dorne duffing balls at 3B in "Major League." Without the happy ending.