The Glass Ego Loves Zito and his $126 Million Dollar Contract

A huge TD fan stopped by one of our many regional offices today and posed this question to me: Doesn't Soriano have to be loving Zito right now?

Wow. I hadn't thought about it, but he's dead on. Now, I'm not going to say if Zito wasn't around, people would be calling Sori's contract the "Worst Contract in Baseball History" as some of knee-jerkers are doing with Zito, but it would definitely be an issue. For that matter, it should be a issue. JH paid a boatload of money to bring Soriano to Chicago. Actually, he paid $10 million dollars more to bring The Glass Ego in than the Giants did to increase sales of "Don't Ask Me...Ask Barry" T-Shirts for one year. He is technically the 30th highest paid player, because of his backloaded deal. But if you averaged it out over the course of the contract, it would be top 10. He is a top 10 paid player in baseball hitting .188. I think .188 corresponds about to a 6.95 ERA as a starting pitcher, doesn't it?

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