Dear Jim: Die

I'm going to go ahead and call it. Time to put this washed up bum out to pasture. Jimmy...your career is O-V-E-R buddy. And I couldn't be happier to see it. As far as I'm concerned, you never were and never will be a Cub. Go back to St. Louis, open a used car lot and a crappy steakhouse with your name on it, and get the hell off of my baseball team.

After another stellar 0-4 performance last night, Jim Edmonds is now a disgusting 3 for 24 (.125!) with 0 HRs, 0 Ribs, 0 extra base hits, and 1 BB in his all-too-long career posing as a member of the Chicago Cubs. And if that's not enough-he's at least 2 steps slower than Felix Pie in CF and covers far, far, less ground. For some perspective-Corey Freaking Patterson, also a left handed CF and first class bum, is hitting .201 through 144 ABs...why not just sign him?

Look, I get the gamble that Jim Hendry took here. I see what he was trying to do. But, in making this move, Hendry stupidly fell in love with the ghost of a Sportscenter highlight. Edmonds was clearly done when he was with the Cards. So they shipped his broke ass to the Padres just to salvage something out of him. Pads GM Kevin Towers drank the Kool-Aid in making that deal, but it didn't take him long to come to his senses as he cut Edmonds loose a little more than a month into the season. Hendry too fell in love with the diving catches (from like 5 years ago) and the simple fact that Jim Edmonds bats wrong-handed and took a gamble.

But this was a terrible, terrible move by Hendry-one far worse than Kevin Towers' decision to bring him to San Diego. Towers mistake was in moving a young player for the right to cut Edmonds a month into the season. But it's not like Edmonds was really in the way. He was merely a stopgap for a terrible team (near the bottom of MLB right now) waiting for young talent to develop.

Hendry, however, took a semi-bad situation and made it much, much worse. The Cubs aren't a crappy team like the Padres. And the Cubs aren't waiting around on young players to develop. They already had Felix Pie up and ready to go. Sure, Pie wasn't hitting, but he was never given a fair shake. But the kid was getting MLB experience and was playing a solid CF while doing so. The kid has done everything you can do in the minors and simply needs to play every day. Off the top of my head, I think I've read that the only consecutive playing time Pie ever got was a 3 game and a 4 game stretch. Not exactly letting the kid get warmed up is it? Unhappy with Pie's start and, presumably, his inability to hit LHPs, Hendry brings in Reed Johnson to platoon with Pie. Good move and one that has worked out thus far. But Hendry should have just stopped there and let it be.

Here's a quote for you from this article in the Daily Herald:
"We need to see improvement with the bat; let's be perfectly honest," Piniella said. "He needs at-bats. We're going to give him as many as we can."
Know who Pinella is talking about here? Jim Edmonds. Tell me...why the hell wasn't this reasoning applied to the in-house upsided option in Felix Pie? We'll give this kind of leeway to a nearly 38 year old loser but not our 23 year old prospect?

Maybe Hendry got cocky after the Reed Johnson signing worked out so well at the beginning of the year? I don't know. But in bringing in Edmonds you did several things that made this ballclub worse: You instantly get worse defensively in CF, you crush the confidence of a young player who desperately needs this organization to get his back (Pie's hitting .144 in Iowa right now), you show all your other young players that you don't have their backs, you disrupt a team that has really great chemistry in the clubhouse, you force NL ROY Geo Soto down to 7th in the order while batting Edmonds 6th (at least Pie was sucking it up in the 8 hole), and you piss off damn near every Cubs fan out there.

I'm ready. I'm ready for Hendry to nut up here, eat crow, and admit that this move for Edmonds was nothing but a bad nightmare. Cut his ass, and cut it hard. If you don't want to yank Pie back up now that he's struggling having to battle through getting completely screwed here, fine. Give your boy Andres Torres a try until Pie gets going. Or give ReJo the majority of the ABs. Or move Fukudome over and get Hoffpauir's lefty bat in the lineup in RF. But get back on the path of trying to restore this team to where it was before this screwjob of a deal. I'm getting really sick of seeing Edmonds masquerade as a major league talent wearing my Cubbie pinstripes while needlessly hot dogging it in CF and lobbing beer league softball fly balls to the OF every AB.

Beat it a-hole.

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