Anyone Can Have a Bad Century

While we await more baseball after yesterday's off-day, I thought it good to (finally) get this interesting article up. Let's hope that this is the last article we ever post here from anything even remotely related to the AARP. This article from the "AARP Bulletin Today" is a nice little piece on the memories of some of the oldest Cubs fans...100 years of memories. What does 100 years of getting beat down again and again by a team you give your heart and soul to do to a person? Ask Richard Savage, the 100 year old Cub fan pictured above, and he'll give you a grim assessment:
“Expectations are still dim,” Savage says. “But I still have hope.”
We here at TD are generally much older and crankier than our years. But let's hope that 100 years from now, when we're 100 year old Cub fans still living in our parents' basement, not only will we have a few World Series championships in our memories, but we'll also still have the hope that this year, as always, is "the year."

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