Lionel's All Star Voting Update

If you were Jumbo, you submitted your All Star picks on May 1st, the first day available. Then again, you were voting on exactly one month's worth of stats. So, now that we are two months into the season, let's see what the early returns are and if Jumbo's urging has paid off.
Catcher-Geo Soto. Well, some fans must be paying attention, either to what Soto has produced on the field or to who Jumbo told them to vote for. Actually, Bengie Molina has comparable, if not better, numbers, but he plays in San Fran. If Soto holds on to his lead, he will be the first N.L. rookie catcher to start the All-Star game. What amazes me is that he is 4th in overall voting.
1 Sack-Lance Berkman. Again, the voters must be getting smarter, because the defacto pick would be Poo-Holes. It's not that Poo-Holes is having a bad year (he is third in BA), it's Berkman is having a better year. D-Lee is third and probably should be third, despite Jumbo's voting for him.
2 Sack-Chase Utley. Utley leads all voter getters and has over 100,000 more votes than #2. Utley's numbers are certainly deserving, as he leads the N.L. in HR's, but the big lead he has is more attributable to the lack of great 2-sacks in the N.L, and probably to Jumbo's pull. The biggest question I have is how Kaz Matsui is #2. Yes, he has 11 stolen bags, but he's hitting .269. Dan Uggla (.307, 16 HR's (one less than Utley)) is fourth.
3 Sack-Chipper Jones. If Jones wasn't leading in the 3 sack votes, then there would be a problem. His OBP is currently .493. Essentially, he's on base 1/2 the time he comes to the plate. Ridiculous. David Wright is 2nd, thanks to playing in NY, instead of Garret Atkins, who is hitting .330 with 8 HR's. ARam is 3rd, where he should be, despite the homer vote (again) from Jumbo.
Short-Hanley Ramirez. He's first among SS's in OPS and HR's, second in stolen bags and runs, so he's probably deserving of the nod and Jumbo agrees. But his slim lead (roughly 12,000 votes) and lowest of any positional leader are telling that this is a close one. The older Tejada is in second, while The Riot is sneaking in at fourth. Don't think I would've said that The Riot is the fourth best SS in the N.L. before this year. Missing from the top 5 list is Jumbo's #2 pick, Rafael Furcal, who may be hitting .366 with 8 steals, but has been on the D.L. for the better part of May.
Outfield-Fukudome. Soriano. Griffey. Fukudome is having a solid year (tied for 3rd among OF's in OBP) and his defense has been spectacular, but no one counts defense when voting for the all star team. It's obvious that he is pulling a lot of support from his hometown Osaki and the rest of his homeland. A month ago, there would've been a revolt if Soriano was the leading voter getter among OF's. He's getting the votes based on two things: one, prior numbers and two, his month of May. Griffey is a lifer, so there's no surprise is he among the leaders. Jumbo called the Fuku and Griff, to go along with Nate McLouth.
But essentially, none of those three should be in the top three. I understand that Griffey will be an All-Star as long as he plays, but I'm talking about stats. Nate McLouth (currently 11th) is hitting .311 with 12 HR's (tied for second among among OF's). His OPS is .994, which is second among OF, only being triumphed by a over 1.000 Pat Burrell. The second guy on the list should be the #1 OPS, Pat Burrell (currently 6th). While he's only hitting .277, he has a .417 OBP and is tied for the lead among OF's in HR's. Finally, Xavier Nady (currently not in the top 15). OK, so Nady is a little more of a stretch, but among OF's, he's third in BA (.319) and second in RBI's (40). His 40 RBI's are fifth among the entire leageu. He's 13th in dingers, and while everyone loves the dingers, that isn't a huge part of his game.
Wait, did I just say that two Pirate OF's deserved to be starting in the All Star game?

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