Wrigleyfield Entertainers

Folks this YouTube video displays one of the great chicago acts that performs outside Wrigleyfield on game days. When I hear these buckets being banged from a block away...I get excited. By far this is my favorite entertainment act. However there a few close second and thirds...

Second Place: Metal Man (this guy can be painted up in copper or silver) who just stands there as if he is a statue...Amazing skill and patience. I once saw a guy throw a beer at one of these "statues" and guess what? he didnt move. That day he earned my 2 dollars

Third Place: Scalpers...This process is a show in it of itself. Watching dads from the suburbs hacking tickets while their kids watch and learn. The dad acting as if this ticket purchase may land him in jail...listen buddy...You aint buying drugs you dont have to fold your money and sneek it to the scalper. It is a business and treat it like one.

What are your favorite entertainers at wrigley?

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April 23, 2008 at 12:13 PM

Hearing those buckets bang reminds me of the smell of beer and sunflower seeds.