Towel Drills Short Hop

I thought I'd intro a new "feature" at Towel Drills this morning. "Short Hops" will be a way for us here at Towel Drills to provide some content that, though it may not be enough for its own full post, is worth passing along for a quick read. No pictures, minimal commentary, and a link or two to check out. (As you can see-I went for the baseball metaphor here in naming these-feel free to ridicule my selection and provide a better name.)

So let's get it going with a couple of news items that stuck out to the Jumbo over the past couple days:
  • First up is today's Sun-Times article from Chris DeLuca on Felix Pie. This goes to our Felix Pie as Corey Patterson comments from yesterday. While I don't agree with the central premise of DeLuca's article here in that it's arguing it is "time to forget about the prospect and forge ahead," it does draw some all too valid parrallels between CPat and Apple Pie. The kid is 23 though people, let's chill out a little bit here. Also-if they Cubs offense is to grind to a halt without The Glass Ego and his .175 BA, how do you explain the 12 runs they put up without him last night?
  • Next is this article on regarding LaTroy Hawkins' choice of uniform number. The basics-LTrain is giving up #21 and switching to #22 because he can't handle the heat from the Yankee fans about wearing Paul O'Neill's old number. Paul O'Neill. Are you freaking kidding me? Paul O'Neill? When did Paul O'Neill become Jackie Robinson? Or the Babe, or the Mick, or DiMaggio? If he's that good, why hasn't his number been retired by the club? And why, oh God why, is LTrain such a pansy that he can't handle a little flack from the Yankees fans? Maybe that's why he's such a terrible RP.

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April 17, 2008 at 9:00 AM

Jumbo, you are forgetting two things about the LaTroy Hawkins S.H. One, Paul O'Neill was on Seinfeld. Two, the L-Train was always a pansy. Remember when he lashed out at Cubs fans for booing him after he blew his third staright save?