Too high...what do you mean too high?

In today's mail bag the muskrat, along with a few chosen fans, discussed the songs that Kerry Wood should enter into the game with.
  • Steven from Lafayette, Ind (likely a Purdue fan and Lionel's fraternity brother) recommended songs from WWE...really? I didnt know the Cubs moved to the southside...

  • Paul E from Huntsville, Ala chose the song Woodchoppers Ball by Woody Herman...this stupid song doesnt even have words and is a "swing" style song...really paul? this is the best you could do?

  • John F. from Melbourne Fla got real creative and went with Another One Bites the Dust by Queen...atleast he didnt pick wild thing...

  • Ratlicious brought in a few songs and facts...apparently Denny K liks Knock on Wood by the Might Mighty Bosstones and entertaingly enough the Woodster could careless what song he get--> so far he has entered with T.N.T. and Welcome to the Jungle...both of which are strong choices but not creative enough for me

So what does Arthur think about this? You can't go wrong with this song.

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April 10, 2008 at 11:14 AM

Ok, so it's spelled differently, but how 'bout this?

But, if they are going to play it, they must, must show the music video.

I think the music theme is stupid for Wood. While he is getting older, I can still see him getting overly hyped based on some stupid song, then starting to overthrow the ball, giving up some walks and pulling some muscle no one has ever heard of.