Thunder Matt (The Big Murt) Returns

I guess the E-Pat experiment is over, as the Cubs have re-called the Big Murt and sent Patterson back to AAA. Odd move to bring E-Pat up for a few days and then send him back down, but we'll see how much the Big Murt sees the field.
Whaaaaaaa???? Jumbo here. I was just getting on to make a post about this great free article from Baseball Prospectus regarding the EPat/Big Murt debate over the call-up last week. In the article Christina Karl, BP's transactions guru, provides an in-depth look at why Murton wasn't recalled in the first place when Soriano was sent down. The article makes a lot of really good points and, I have to say, I'm in agreement with her. Her arguments about the potentiality of EPat solving the problems that Pie creates makes a lot of sense. That's what makes this re-do by the Cubs all the more interesting. Why do this now? Is EPat not ready? Did EPat eff up again? Is one of our other OFs hurting? Or is this simply more of a matchups deal over the next few days? Fascinating. -Jumbo

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April 21, 2008 at 8:50 AM

The official comment from the Cubs front office was that this move was made because the Cubs will be facing a steady diet of left-handed pitching in the next week, so E-Pat wouldn't be getting many AB's, while bringing up the Big Murt would.


April 21, 2008 at 9:14 AM

Even so, it seems strange to me to put Murton thru all the "Matt Murton sucks, is out of the Cubs plans entirely, and will die in AAA" stories and to give EPat the impression that he will have his shot to show he can stick with the team only to reverse course after a couple days.

I read in one of the papes that Murton knew about the move Friday night, but they didn't tell Patterson until he had like 15 mins to clear out his locker. That's cold JH. Cold.