So Long Sammy?

Apparently Slammin' Sammy So-so is finally coming to terms with the fact that he's reached the end of his cork-filled, juice-enchanced baseball road. Yes, Sammy is considering retirement. For some odd reason, no team sees it fit to hand over the 450 PAs and "significant money" he's seeking. Huh, who'd a thought.

Not sure about you guys, but I've always had mixed feelings towards Sammy. He was there us in the glorious pre-steriod/HGH controversy days when not much else was. I always enjoyed the way he came bombing out to greet the fans in the RF bleachers. And I could stomach his little kissy thing he always did for the cameras in the dugout after he hit a HR. But his ARod tendancy of hitting meaningless solo HRs in the bottom of the 8th when the Cubs were down by 7 always got to me. Then the cork thing came out. Then the juice allegations (or, juice certainty...check this out. Do you even recognize this kid?). Then his suddently frail grasp on the English language at the first round of Congressional steriods hearings. I don't know-there's just a lot not to like about the guy. Yet despite it all, he always remained "Sammy." I think there's something to be said for that. Happy trails So-so. It was fun while it lasted.
  • You know what really grinds my gears? The Red Sox invite Bill Buckner back 30 years after the fact (and 2 World Series after the fact), he gets a deserved standing O, and now everyone starts talking about how the Cubs should bring Bartman back or bring Sammy Sosa back. First of all, if the Curse of the Bambino was still alive, the Sawx fans would still hate you. Plus, it's been 30 years. All the Sawx fans who were around back then are dead or too old to care anymore.Let's look at bringing Bartman backfirst. OK, it sucks that you were held responsible for the Cubs implosion and knowledgable Cubs fans understand that there are plenty of other people to blame (Alex Gonzalez, Mark Prior, Dusty Baker, etc.). And it sucks that you had to go into hiding. I get all of that. But, you are a fan, just like the rest of us. To parade you out on the field and make a big deal out of it is ridiculous. What, am I supposed to applaud what you've been through? Applaud that whether Alou could've caught the ball or would've had too much piss on his hands, you interfered with it? Am I supposed to cheer and say "yeah, I'm sorry you had death threats sent to you and that everyone and their brother dressed up like you for Halloween that year." You don't matter to me. That was 5 years ago.As for el Samuel, I have the same mixed sack as Jumbo. I cheered for you because you wanted to win so badly to honor Harry. I cheered for you because I wanted you to beat that a-hole Big Mac. I cheered for you to go out the next year and the next year to beat his record. But, you made us all look like chumps. We were naive to believe that those records could be shattered by clean dudes. Then we learned about the corked bat, the boombox everyone hated, and how you had this sense of entitlement that you owned the locker room. That's why Kerry Wood had to smash your boombox. And then, to class it up, you "snuck" out of Wrigley field. Yet, because I once cheered for you, I am supposed to welcome you back with open arms? Ernie Banks may think he has that much pull, but he doesn't.So let's settle down on bringing either or these two back and hoping that the fans embrace them.And that, Diane, is what really grinds my gears. -Lionel

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