Towel Drills Short Hop

  • According to the RMN (Rocky Mountain News) and Peter Gammons (two sources, so it's confirmed in the news world), the Cubs are looking to acquire my favorite cereal-named player Coco Crisp. The Gammons story reported that the Cubs were going to trade Sean Gallagher for Crisp, while the RMN story has the trade a little more doubt now with Crisp's leg injury.

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April 18, 2008 at 10:42 AM

I really hope this doesn't go thru. The Sox are dying to get rid of Coco. Why throw them a valuable, and potentially really valuable, young SP for an old, expensive CF that is barely, if at all, an upgrade over the in-house options. If Hendry does this-ugh, terrible.

Additionally, this would kill any chances of adding an impact bat later on, like Brian Roberts, at the deadline. Everyone is going to come calling for Gallahger in any trade. Why waste him on Coco Freaking Crisp?