Short Guy Spark

There are many possible explanations for the Cubs offensive thumping of the Reds without the Glass Ego, but I think I've come across the best explanation: Short Guy Spark. When you see a guy like Aramis Ramirez crush a ball deep, you get pumped. But when that ball bounces off the wall, you know the next camera shot you are going to get is him cruising into second base. But when you see lil' Mikey hit a ball deep, you start screaming at the ball because you feel like you have to will that ball to get out, because there's no way it's going to happen on it's own. But the excitement doesn't stop when the ball bounces off the wall. You are still excited to see him running his balls off into second base, so that if there is the slightest misjudgment, he's going to third.

So why do you get more excited to see a little guy do well? Because the natural athleticism of the big, strong guy isn't exciting. The maximum effort of a little guy is. Thus, Short Guy Spark. I have to believe it rubs off on the rest of the team as well. They feed off the energy. They see the effort level and it increases their effort.

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April 17, 2008 at 2:31 PM

Not only do I believe in the Short Guy Spark-I'm a huge fan.

Seeing Fontenot and TheRiot hit back-to-back, and then the 8'9" DLee follow is going to be good fun.