Reds Fire Wayne Krivsky; Nuts & Bolts of Fukudomania

  • Not exactly Cubs news here, but MLB Trade Rumors has a nice piece on NL Central foe and ex-Cub scrap-heap Cincinnati Reds' firing of GM Wayne Krivsky and subsequent replacement by former St. Louis Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty. The piece has a solid run down of the moves Krivsky made in his short tenure with the Reds. Honestly, not a bad job by Krivsky. There are certainly some questionable moves in there (like not getting anything of value in return for Austin Kearns, the Mike Stanton deal from this year) but there's a lot of great acquisitions as well (Hamilton, Harang, Keppinger, Phillips). The writing has pretty much been on the wall here since Jocketty came on board, though. But the timing really is curious. I wonder what it was that made this go down now?

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April 23, 2008 at 10:50 PM

I heard a Cincinnati beat writer comment on this today. He said that one of the biggest problems with Krivsky is that he isn't the best "people person." A longtime Reds scout, responsible for discovering and signing Johnny Cueto, left the team because the two didn't see eye to eye, and Krivsky often left him out of important meetings that usually included the team's scouts.

I think I would've fired him for letting Dusty walk all over him. Seriously, the team names Dusty Baker manager in October 2007 and thereafter, they sign Paul Bako, Corey Patterson, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Kent Mercker. I think a GM needs to discuss things with his manager, but not let his manager pull this.

One thing to consider...the draft is about 2 months away, with college and HS baseball heating up. While the GM doesn't usually fully control the draft, their input is important. The Reds are in the seventh slot in the draft, so they have a big opportunity to add to their system.


April 24, 2008 at 8:59 AM

John Fay's Reds Insider blog for the Cincinnati Enquirer has some good notes on Krivsky's axing. (This column is almost always pretty good reading). Per owner Bob Castellini, "It was time." Are ya kidding me? We've played like 20 games this season. The guy has been there less than 3 years. If he would have said "I'm in man love with Walt Jocketty," I would have believed him. But "It was time"? Bunk.

John Fay's Reds Insider article