Cubs Recap: Cubs @ Phillies 4/13/08

Well it wasn't necessarily pretty, but the Cubs fought their way past the Phitin' Phils this afternoon in yet another extra-inning game. Today's extra frame marked the third time in this six game Quaker state roadie that the Cubs played to free baseball. The Cubs took all three extra innings affairs in Pennsylvania after dropping the season's other extra inning game to the Brewers on opening day.

Baby Bull was the hero today. In the bottom of the 10th Big Z came to the plate as a pinch hitter for Kerry Wood. Zambrano hit a soft grounder to SS Eric Bruntlett but came bombing out of the box towards first. Z's hustle induced a throwing error from Chase Utley when Utley was unable to transfer the ball cleanly from his glove. The throwing error moved Z to second and scored Ronny Cedeno who had walked to lead off the inning and was advanced to second on a good sac bunt by TheRiot.

The big controversy in the game came after DeRo's two-run jack in the 6th off of Jamie Moyer. DeRosa blasted the ball down the left field line. The ball was hit so hard that when it crossed the fence it passed, essentially, over the foul poll. The ball looked foul to me on the replays, but the umps called in fair. Phils manager Charlie Manuel also disagreed and was awarded with an early shower for his efforts.

In the bad news department, Marquis had another shaky outing today ,walking 5 in his 5 innings of work and giving up 2 runs. Coming only a day after Ted Lilly's turd against the Phils and two days after Rich Hill's getting sent back to the 'pen for some quality "get your head out of your ass" time, I'm really starting to get worried about the back end of this rotation. After 2 weeks in the season, who the hell thought Ryan Dempster would be the Cubs second best pitching SP? Me neither. At least Zambrano has been pitching well. Hopefully these guys get their heads together and get it going next time out. We're going to need them.

Good to salvage this one against the Phillies today and to keep our heads above .500 ball. Off day tomorrow for the last time until 4/28 and then back home for three game sets against the Redlegs and Pirates (again) and a twofer against the Metropolitans. Let's hope we can put the Reds in their place a bit and fatten up on the Pirates. After that, the Mets should provide a nice barometer on the early season.

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April 14, 2008 at 9:07 AM

Overall, a 4-2 road trip is good and you'd rather go 3-0 versus a lowly division team and 1-2 versus a potential division winner.

The bullpen was a bit shaky yesterday, probably from overuse. Wuertz struggled for the first time. Marshall was a big lift after Wuertz, even if he gave up the one run. Marmol was his usual solid self. While Woody didn't give a run, he wasn't flawless. If D-Lee hadn't snagged that grounder, the Cubs would've been swept.

But don't forget the other hero of the day, Felix Pie. Pie came in to pinch hit for Hank White in the 8th. Well, at least, he came in to be announced as the pinch hitter so that the Phils would switch to a lefty and then Lou could bring in Soto.

I guess we all knew that Lieb was brought in because the Cubs weren't going to be super-solid for the entire rotation, but the Lilly/Hill thing is worrisome. Lou's message to Hill was pretty clear, let's hope he responds. As for Lilly, I don't know what to think. He looked like he was going to battle his way through the 5th on Saturday, but just couldn't. That's what worries me. When a vet is going through a bad stretch, he needs to be able to gut out a performance that keeps his team in it. Lilly didn't.


April 14, 2008 at 10:06 AM

And this Lilly thing is especially worrying when you consider that last year he was the Cubs' "stopper." Throughout the season, and especially in the latter half, Lilly was the guy that always seemed to have a great day exactly when the club needed it. If we were on a big losing streak, when Lilly's turn came up he would put a stop to it. Now-the guy has like a 9+ Ernie and has looked terrible.

And what's also worrying about Marquis is that he's known for having great (okay, "good") first halves, then shitty second halves. If he looks like this in April-what are we going to be watching in August?