Opening Night Excitement

There was excitement in the air for opening night last night for a few teams. There was the excitement of the Red Sox getting their World Series rings and then beating the best lineup in the History of the World (for a 0-7 team). There was the last home opener for Shea Stadium, bringing a huge smile to Ronnie's face (and his still smoldering toupee). But the excitement may have been the highest in Tropicana Field, where the Rays opened their 11th Season of exciting Tampa Bay Baseball. The excitement was so fevered that they were able to sell out for the 9th time. That's right, 811 home games, 9 sellouts. For you stat nerds, like me, that's a whooping 1.11% of the time.

What the hell was Bud thinking when he decided to award a second franchise to Florida? Yeah, the Marlins don't sell out, so let's put another team in Florida. The Bluehairs are sure to come to Tropicana Field and watch hot Devil Ray action.

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April 9, 2008 at 10:03 AM

1.11%...hmm that is like the percentage of time that Angry is not angry and Watson is not rainmaking. Seriously sells outs like that are is almost as many times BJ attended an Evidence class.