Maddux to Retire?

This great article from ESPN's Tim Keown includes an interesting tidbit (that's right, a tidbit)-former Cub Greg Maddux has confided in some teammates that this will be his last year pitching in the bigs. The statement is just a small sentence (4th to last paragraph) in a large, well-done article, but it's obviously a significant one. I'm not one for writing a guy's tombstone before he passes so we can save the Greg Maddux retrospective piece for another day. But should this turn out to be Maddux's last year, it might be worth remembering to watch this guy pitch while we still can.

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April 15, 2008 at 9:57 AM

2 nuggets (that's right-nuggets) about this story.

First, it's a shame that as Cubs fans, we didn't get to see more of Maddux. Yes, the Cubs supposedly offered the Mad Dog more cash than the Braves the year he bolted, but as I recall, Maddux was unhappy with the organization. How great would've it been to see him in a Cubs uni for all this time? Then to see him return, only to be traded for "All Star" Cesar Izturis was disheartening. The Cubs got nothing in return, Maddux wanted to leave, and the Cubs weren't going anywhere, but it's still unfortunate that he isn't going to retire as a Cub. The Cubs certainly seem like they could use a guy like him right now, and I guess I just feel that he should be a Cub. That's my two cents on that.

Second, a quick random story. The photo is Maddux's last start as a Cub. The hat he is holding was actually sold at the 2007 Cubs convention. It went for something around $400. I didn't have the extra $400 to drop on such an item, but it would be cool piece of Mad Dogabilia to own.