Inaugral Shawon Dunston High Flyer

Dunston - known for the Shawon - O - Meter...defined the Cubs shortstop position for years. A little known fact about the big guy --> He seldom walked, which is why, despite his decent batting average, during the 18 years he played his on-base percentage was the second worst of those with at least 4500 plate appearances (Ozzie Guillen is number 1).

With that being said I am proud to present the first Shawon Dunston High Flyer award for the 2008 season to: Ryan Dumpster...the true professional.

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April 15, 2008 at 11:22 AM

Arthur, you forgot to mention that Dunston was also known for throwing a 95 MPH "toss" from just behind the pitcher's mound to about 2 feet short of Mark Grace's mitt on a soft ground ball with John Kruk running down the line.

I remember reading a great Dunston article following the '03 season. Dunston was enjoying the first year of his retirement, following the Cubs in the '03 playoffs. He watched that infamous game 7 of the NLCS with his daughter, and when the Cubs lost, he broke down and started crying. His daughter, perplexed at seeing her father crying over the Cubs, asked why he was so upset. After all, Dunston's last year with the Cubs had been in '97. He said he feels like he's part-Cub (the baseball team, not half man, half baby bear). His emotions were high because he loved the organization that drafted him (in the first round) believed in him, and respected him so much that they made him one of the richest SS's in the game, despite a .270 BA with little power (he made 3.775 million in 1995).