How is Daytona Cubs pitcher Adam Harben related to George Bell?

So how is Adam Harben related to George Bell? Technically, they were traded for each other. How? Well, The Cubs signed George Bell as a Free Agent. They later traded him to the White Sox for Sammy Sosa. Sosa was traded to the Orioles for Jerry Hairston Jr. (among others). Hairston was traded to the Padres for Phil Nevin (does your head hurt yet?). Nevin was traded to the Rangers for Adam Harben.
Obviously, the same relationship to George Bell can be made for 'lil Mikey, who also came over in the Sosa trade. But there are others...
D-Lee's Connection to Tom Gordon
Tom Gordon was signed as a free agent by the Cubs and later traded to the Astro's for some younger arms, including Mike Nannini. Nannini was a thrown in in the D-Lee trade.
Aramis Ramirez's Connection to Adam Morrissey (who?)
Adam Morrissey was signed by the Cubs as a non-drafted free agent. He was traded for Mark Bellhorn, who was later traded for Jose Hernandez. Jose Hernandez was included (mercifully) in the trade to bring in Aramis Ramirez.
Kevin Hart's Connection to Phil Norton
Norton was drafted by the Cubs. He was traded for John Koronka. The Cubs later acquired Feddie Bynum in a three team trade for John Koronka. Bynum was traded to the O's for Kevin Hart.
Here's my favorite...
Matt Murton's Connection to Justin Speier, Kevin Orie, and Todd Noel
In 1993, the Cubs took Kevin Orie with the 29th overall pick. 3 years later, they drafted Todd Noel with the 17th overall pick. At the 1998 trade deadline, the Cubs shipped those two, along with a 55th rounder, Justin Speier (the only one of the three still in baseball) to the Marlins to get Felix Heredia to help with their Wild Card run (I am amzed the Cubs traded two 1st rounders and a MLB quality pitcher for Felix Heredia). Heredia would later be dealt to Toronto for Alex Gonzalez. Gonzalez, of course, would be a large part of that infamous inning in Game 6 of the NLCS. A year later, he was shipped at the deadline with Francis Beltran, Brendan Harris, and Justin Jones for Nomar and Matt Murton.

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