"Fukudomania" is gripping Cubdom today. Have you caught it yet?

Carol Slezak seems to have set this Fukudomania craze in full force this morning with her article in the Sun-Times. (Let's set aside for a moment that I really wish my last name were "Slezak"). Per Bleed Cubbie Blue, the term appears to have been coined back in February by Bruce Miles in this article for the Daily Herald. But today is the day it caught hold.

Slezak compares Fukudomania to the "Kid K" phenomenon surrounding Kerry Wood in 1998. Only it seems that this may be bigger. Granted, Kid K was in 1998. But was there an equivalent to www.fukudomeismyhomie.com back in the day? Not that I recall...but there probably should have been.

The offshoot of this particular phenomenon is also a rash of pretty entertaining articles about how poorly Cubs fans, or probably more accurately-Google Translate, are at translating English to Japanese. Here's a wrap up from Deadspin.com. And one from some BS AOL website called "Fan House" (who uses these sort of sites for information anyway?)

Fuku is off to a tremendous start. Factor in that he's new to the country, is trying to adjust to a new league and a new style of play, is unfamiliar with the ballparks, and hasn't seen any of these pitchers before and his fast start is all the more impressive. The kid plays the game right. He hustles. He stays within his game and tries to get on base rather than jack every ball over the fence. He plays good D. He's got a hose in RF. He runs the bases well. In short, he's a "ballplayer" in every positive sense of the word. I'll admit it, I have a major man-crush on the guy.

Fukudomania is here. And he flat out deserves every bit of adulation he's receiving.

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