Dusty's Back. Hide the Pitchers.

Sorry...did I miss something? Everybody (the Sun-Times, the Trib, the Daily Herald, Cubs.com...and everyone else in the world, now including Towel Drills) is running Dusty Baker is back(!) articles right now. The overwhelming majority of these are even positive.

Did something happen that I'm not aware of? I CAN'T STAND Dusty Baker. The guy is flat out horrible! Be it burning up young pitching arms, giving Neifi "Effing" Perez 572 ABs, or simply that freaking toothpick, the guy is an idiot. Maybe he did take the Cubs to the brink of the World Series in '03, but does anyone believe that the Cubs did this in spite of Dusty instead of because of him?

The guy was run out of town on rails, and rightfully so, after the horrendous 2006 when he continued to show that he just flat out doesn't get it. Let's not try and rewrite history here and pretend that everything was always okay (see Alou, Moises re: Bartman). Dusty Baker is the worst manager in the majors. We're lucky that a team with as much young talent in our division picked him up beacause we all know that he's going to jack it up for them by playing Scott Hateberg and Corey Patterson (!) all year long.

In Dusty We Trusty? Hell. Freaking. No. Good riddance.

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April 15, 2008 at 10:58 AM

Jumbo, it's Dustiny. Yes, all of these articles are ridiculous. Are they going to have a bunch of articles when Freddie Bynum and the Orioles come into town?

The media has a terribly selective short memory. They have glowing reviews of Johnny Baker "turning" the team around by, let's see, having Mark Prior fall into his pitching rotation? Getting lucky with Woody's one healthy season as a starter? Having Management turn one of the biggest coups in postive Cubs trading history (short of the Sandberg trade) by shipping Turd Hundley and getting back a resurgent Eric Karros (.286) and Grudz (.314)? By having C-Pat turn in his only good half-year?

His normal lineup's average age in 2003 was 31.1. That's right in his wheelhouse, although probably a little young for his taste. If you take the post-C-Pat injury lineup, it jumps to 32.75. Take his top 7 relievers...they aveage out to 32.0 years old. Yeah, he did a great job, managing a relatively injury-free team in the prime of their careers. And it was only injuries that prevented him from repeating, as his teams got progressively worse (3rd place in '04, 4th in '05, 6th '06), despite adding guys like Greg Maddux, Nomar Garciaparra, Todd Walker, and Michael Barrett.

I actually feel bad for Reds fans. They have the best team they've had since the early 90's, loaded with some young stars, and they are stuck with a terrible manager. The young starters Cueto, Volquez, and Bailey (when he comes up) are going to be overworked and guys like Joey Votto and Jay Bruce (when he gets called up) are going to be riding pine as soon as they go 1 for 10 over a 3 game stretch. Freel and Griffey will get hurt, and Dusty will have that to fall back on. And then in 2012, when Johnny Baker is back in the booth, maybe the Cincinnati Inquirer can do a big story on his return to Cincinnati.