Cubs Recap: Reds @ Cubs 4/17/08

Don't really have much to say about yesterday's 9-2 throttling the Cubs took from the Redlegs except this: Two outta three ain't bad. Despite being a lowly blogger who lives in my parents' basement, we here at Towel Drills do have day jobs. That being the case, I wasn't able to watch the game yesterday but listened to it via the glory that is XM Radio. I say that to say that I wasn't able to watch Ted Lilly throw yesterday-and you can't really tell much by listening to the play-by-play. But reading through "the papes" this morning, it seems that the general consensus is that the Lilly is starting to come around.

Lilly went 6 and K'ed 6 in that time. But he also gave up 5 Ernies to see his ERA settle at 9.16 after the outing. Not good. But at least there are signs of improvement. Lilly got over the "5 inning hump" this time out, which I suppose is progress. It will be really important for the Cubs today to see how Hill is throwing. If we can't get at least one of these two on track, it might be a long year.

Bottom line: too many guys left on base. I think Fontenot, who led off and played 2B, himself was responsible for 7 of them. But today's another day. With Joey Votto and his 5 RBI headed out of town, let's see if we can't fly the W flag against the Bucs this afternoon.

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