Cubs Recap: Reds @ Cubs 4/16/08

The best part of this game was as Cub's fans, it gave us a chance to get caught up on the rest of our lives...spend some time with the family, pay those overdue bills, etc. But if you're like me, you kept watching. It was a nice break to watch the game on not be on pins and needles. It was fun to watch Dusty sit their with his toothpick in his mouth, trying to figure out how the hell to get out of Chicago as fast as possible.

It's hard to pick a single guy out and say he was the catalyst. 7 guys had RBI's, including Zambrano, who went 3 for 4. Fontenot should've never tried to score on that ball that barely got away from Valentin, but he got such a great jump off third, there was no stopping him. Fukudome continues to be able to place the ball seemingly wherever he wants. He's batting .353, but he's hitting .500 with RISP. The dude knows how to hit. Finally, it was good to see Z go on cruise control with the big lead. You never know with him what's going to happen, but I actually think the fact that he was getting hits really helps him...he is more relaxed and happier with himself when he gets to run around the bases. Just as long as he gets his Gatorade when he gets back to the dugout.

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