Cubs Recap: Cubs @ Pirates 4/9/08

Everyone seems to want to talk about this this morning. But I'm not fooled. I watched that AB-and the game Pie played up to that pitch after he took over as a defensive replacement for Reed Johnson in the 7th. He was bad. He wasn't the story.

No-what I want to talk about is what
should be the takeaway story of this game. Here it is: 7 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 5 K. That's Ryan Dump...DEMPster's stat line from last night. Quite simply: kid looked good. Granted, the Pirates aren't the '27 Yankess, but he threw strikes all night (only 2 BBs, if memory serves the 1st was to the 2nd batter), struck a few guys out, and had his indistinguishable breaking stuff working.

My only beef: when did he pick up that huge tick with his glove? Right after he gets the sign he likes he does this glove flip that started bothering me after a while. If he's going to continue to throw up numbers like his has so far this season-I think I can stomach that, though.

I don't know how long Dempster will be able to keep this up...but I don't think it can be underestimated how beneficial he could be to this team if he can be relied on as a SP all year. Lilly hasn't looked good and I'm really not expecting him to do what he was able to do most of last year. Marquis is flat out awful. Hill is a bit of a question mark, but I think he'll come around. But most importantly having Dempster in the rotation has allowed us to keep Lieber in the 'pen where he is very valuable right now. Lieber is largely responsible for the Cubs' last extra inning win 2 nights ago with his effort in extra innings. Great to see Dempster performing well, and great to pull out a win even if the Cubs did almost let it get away last night.

Also deserving of mention was Soto's great slide breaking up the double play in Top 15 that extended the inning for Pie's "heroics" following the single by TheRiot, the wild pitch by Dumatrait, and the IBB to Soriano.

Ugly win. But great game for Dempster. Let's hope it becomes a habit.

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April 10, 2008 at 10:04 AM

I'm glad you were able to watch the game, Jumbo. I was not, as the game was on the Comcast+ and as I don't suckle at the teat of Comcast, I don't get that channel. Instead, I listened to the 15 inning game on the radio. Here are my thoughts.

While Pie may have not looked good, I think being the "hero" for a day is good for his psyche. I want to see this guy get on a roll. Don't get me wrong, ReJo (Reed Johnson) has been a huge addition to this team, but I want to see Pie put all those critics to shame. I want to end the thoughts that are creeping into my head of him being a AAAA player.

The Dumpster was outstanding last night. I don't know that he'll keep it up either, but if he could throw up a 14 or 15 win season like he did as a youngster, the Cubs would certainly be solid 1 through 4. By the way, he threw 67 of 98 pitches for strikes. Wuertz pitched two scoreless as well, giving up only a walk. I hate to say it, but so far, he's been the best reliever for the Cubs, after Marmol struggled last night.

At the bat, D Lee was horrible. Ignore the 0-6, he left 8 dudes on base. 8. That's a rough night.


April 10, 2008 at 10:22 AM

Everyone needs to chill out on Apple Pie. The kid's only started like 4 games this year. He hasn't played near enough to make any sort of read. If we're going to get all reactionary (and I'm speaking about all of Cub-dome here, not you in particular Lionel) about a slow start-let's bench Soriano and his sub-Mendoza BA.

Let's leave Pie alone for a full 2 months, then assess where we're at with him. Reed Johnson has looked goo thus far, but he's getting the starts against the LHPs as he should be-and he can hit LHPs. But let's not get all crazy and suggest he deserves to play everyday b/c he can't RHPs near as well.