Cubs Recap: Cubs @ Pirates 4/10/08

Jon Lieber was dominating in his start. At least he would've been if he had started the game, instead of just essentially starting when he entered in the fourth inning. But I have to say the fact that Lieber came into the game in the fourth inning was perplexing. Yes, Hill had thrown 72 pitches and was inconsistent at best. But, the Cubs had won the first two games of the series and had a worn out bullpen from the night before. Is Lou's patience really that thin already?

On the batting side of things, I saw some good and some bad. Soto was on fire; let's hope we get to see Matt Morris several more times this year. He also showed that he is a 100% effort guy as he chugged around the bags. The big lift the Cubs got out of nowhere was lil' Mikey hitting an HR. I couldn't believe it. Lou's patience may be wearing thin, but inserting lil' Mikey in the lineup last night was gold.

What wasn't gold? Felix Pie's 2 AB's. In both situations, he had a chance to bring home some runners, and both times, he watched strike 3 flutter past (thanks to Matt Morris' 80 MPH pitching). After K number 2, I saw one of the oddest things I'd seen in a while (OK, so being a Cubs fan, not that long). Felix Pie, as he removed his shin guard, stared Matt Morris down as he walked to the dugout. What's your beef, Pie? Matt Morris show you up by throwing a giant curve ball that you watched float past and then walk to the dugout with his head down? I don't know if Lou saw it, but Mike Quade had to see it. I have to think his actions lead to his early shower time with Rich Hill. For someone who was Wednesday night's hero, he sure took a dive back yesterday. Let's hope that Lou had a nice little chat with Pie.

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