1600, Rahm Emanuel?

According to Paul Sullivan on his Tribune Blog, Congressman Rahm Emanuel needs to bone up on his "hometown Cubbies." When Emanuel initially issued a press release congratulating the Cubs on their 10,000th, he misspelled Sandberg as Sandburg, got the date the Cubs played their first game wrong, wasn't able to correctly count the number of years they had been in existence correctly, and stated that Wrigley was located in his district at 1600 W. Addison (not 1060).

First, I suggest he read toweldrills.blogspot.com a couple of times a day, as that would provide him the necessary knowledge to make such statements. Actually, he should make TD required reading for his interns, as I'm sure he wasn't the one who actually penned the statement. Maybe they were confused with Tee Ball on the White House lawn, given the number of runs the Cubs had been putting up.

Second, bravo to Paul Sullivan. I am not a huge Sullivan fan, but if he indeed was the first to report this, his work didn't go unnoticed. Check out the new release from Rep. Emanuel website. Everything seems to be corrected. I'm sure someone was fired, but someone else probably got promoted for making those corrections ASAP.

Finally, ignoring any political affiliation, why is Congress wasting it's time on stuff like this? Based on the number of errors contained in the statement, there wasn't a lot of time wasted on it, but nevertheless, the House of Representatives had to hear him congratulate the Cubs. I know Congressmen make these statements all the time on a range of topics, but I'd rather have him working on a way to make sure I don't have to pay $20 for rice than congratulating the Cubs on winning 10,000. When it is the World Series this fall, then he can make all the pronouncements he wants. Until then, I would rather him just click on who was his favorite backup second baseman of the 90's and move on.

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